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Evaluations for All: Even the CEO Deserves a Report Card

By Sue Dahling Sullivan for The Bridgespan Group Making the evaluation process a natural part of the organizational culture can help align staff with strategic goals. But it doesn’t stop with staff. Establishing a culture where a formal, documented, fair, and pragmatic annual evaluation is routinely expected needs to extend to the CEO evaluation process, driven …


Diversity is key to success in corporate Canada

Published January 9, 2016 By Jennifer Reynolds, Special to The Globe and Mail In my role, I have the pleasure of spending time at universities across the country, meeting with students to talk about their careers and the important role they can play as future business leaders in Canada’s economy. What always strikes me when …


Minimum accessibility laws not enough, says Man in Motion Rick Hansen

Meredith MacLeod, Published: December 2, 2016 It’s not enough to get people with physical disabilities through the door, they must be able to fully function in the building as employees before Canada has achieved an acceptable level of accessibility, says Man in Motion Rick Hansen. The Rick Hansen Foundation released a study Friday that …


On Viola Desmond, the first Canadian woman to grace face of currency

The Canadian Race Relations Foundation (CRRF) 150 Stories series pays tribute to Canada‘s diversity, democratic principles, and multiculturalism by telling the stories of remarkable Canadian individuals, organizations, initiatives and historic events. Viola Desmond: Canada’s Own Civil Rights Heroine By Mandy Nyarko Viola Desmond’s experiences inspired the civil rights movement in Canada and led to the repeal …


What do we actually mean by “diversity”?

The Sunday Edition with Michael Enright A little more than a year ago, Prime Minister Trudeau invoked the principle of diversity in assembling his cabinet. Because, as he said in the soundbite of the year, it was 2015. It’s been a different story throughout the world in 2016. A backlash against immigration helped spur the Brexit forces …


Government appointments and diversity

By Andrew Griffith Published: December 9, 2016 The Liberal government promised a diversity and inclusion agenda, and made specific commitments to ensure more inclusive representation in appointments. A year later, how well have they implemented this commitment? There is gender parity in cabinet, but just over one-third of parliamentary secretaries are women. The representation of …


Women gain, visible minorities lose ground in Greater Montreal Area leadership roles

Published December 14, 2016 A new study, released today, shows that while female representation on boards and in senior leadership has increased since 2012, visible minorities have lost ground. The study examined 3,087 senior leaders from the largest organizations in Greater Montreal in six sectors – elected, public, private, voluntary, education, and appointments to agencies, …


These women are ready, willing and waiting for a seat at the board table

By: Tara Deschamps For Metro Published on Mon Dec 05 2016 For years, Lina Duque has hustled for Bay Street businesses, doing everything from consulting to marketing and helping corporate CEOs raise their profile to nab leadership jobs. Danielle Dowdy traded gigs at General Motors and Procter and Gamble to become a Toronto Police Services …


Building a strong board to steer your organization through the rough seas of change

By Katarina Vukobratovic This article was originally published on the Maytree website. In a time when disruption, insecurity, uncertainty and lack of funding are felt by many non-profit organizations, it’s important that an organization has a solid, healthy and passionate board at its helm. To be successful, non-profit organizations, both big and small, need to …


Interview Strategies for Boards and Candidates

Selecting quality candidates for your board requires asking the most relevant questions possible during the interview process. Likewise, board candidates are also responsible for asking insightful questions to ensure that the organization is an appropriate fit for their interests and skills. We all want success. So, how do we create the best scenario for both …

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